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100 MPG Motors is my 2nd business that I have created, but the 1st in trying to develop a process to make adapting real world environmental solutions to everyday life at an affordable price point.

There are over 960 Patents in the US spanning over 100 years for devices that allow personal cars to achieve 100MPG(+).  A lot of them (including one from 1912) was able to get 200MPG.  The Patent office will not release a patent for a device that does not do what is claimed.

Shell was one of the companies who used their own R&D lab scientists to have a friendly competition between other fuel refiners to see what they could do for a high mile per gallon car.  They made an old Opel get 376MPG!  Now the sad thing is, when did they do this?  Around the time of the gas crunch in the 1973 period.  And if this doesn't get your attention, maybe the work of Smokey Yunick will!  He's done it and there are two articles about that.  And no, you don't need a turbo to make this happen.

So I'm not someone who has figured out anything new.  I'm someone who has a handful of new ideas to do the same old thing.  Vaporize the fuel.  Keep it heated and dry to deliver it into the intake of a car's gasoline engine and make power.  Oh, and make very good gas mileage.  If you do this right you can even get near zero emissions.

So that is this site's mission and my own.

This new venture has 3 main goals:
1.) Release all information as learned for making gasoline engines run on fumes.
2.) Make kits available for people who would like to modify their own engines.
3.) Make available a location where people can modify their own cars and get assistance in doing so.

Watch this space as it will be updated with information on the progress of the motor conversions for vapor run cars.
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If you would like to see this technology out there in the wild, please donate to help it go.
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