100 MPG Motors


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My 1st Generator video.
I started on this technology reworking my old generator before moving on to my V8.

My 2nd Generator video.
This setup allows the generator to run without me maintaining RPM.

My 1st V8 Video.
Here's the 2nd time this motor has been started (once just prior to shooting this video).  This motor hasn't run since 2005, but fired right up 1st try just like new.

My 2nd V8 video.
Here I've adapted my distributorless ignition system to the motor and ran it again for another test fire.

My 3rd Generator video.  In this one I'm reassembling the generator more back to how it was when it was new.  In this one I'm using the steel tank that came with it.  I'm also mixing the fresh air and the fumes in the tank before delivering them to the motor.  Just as a way to show it can be done and that there is more than one way to skin this cat.  I would not suggest running a motor this way however.

Watch this space for updates.

Thanks for watching!